Sox News

Winner, Best Writing, 2015 International Television Festival
Created by Tyrus Emory, Sam Jay Gold, Christina Hurtado-Pierson, Austin Sanders, and Chris Ford
Executive Produced by Tyrus Emory, Gregory Rae, and Carl White
Sox News is a TV show, a half-hour comedy behind-the-scenes news program set at a hyperbolically conservation station, produced by and starring high quality sock puppets. The pilot episode premiered at the International Television Festival, where it won the award for Best Writing. It has since been featured at the 2015 New York Television Festival, and SeriesFest Season Two.

Fair. Balanced. 100% Cotton. The Sox News Network was once the untouchable firebrand of the right-wing sock community. But these are changing times; viewership is at an all-time low and the network is getting desperate. Enter Wooliam Wythe, the newest producer and biggest fan of Sox News's flagship show, Touching America with Griffin Toucher. Under-qualified but overly optimistic — and very well connected — Wooly's been given one month to turn things around before The Touch is taken off the air. It's a big job, but so was founding America.

He's joined by a ragtag group of has-beens and ideologues, and they're not going down without a fight. There's lead anchor and well-meaning psychopath, Griffin Toucher; Griff's former co-host turned cynical producer, Jump Nightly; blonde-of-the-week, Britney Whitney; and a whole world of correspondents, non-union crew, and hangers-on — both sock and human. Watch as the team behind The Touch shout their way back into primetime, kicking off a network-wide race to the bottom on their way back to the top.