Home Street Home

A New Musical Written by Fat Mike & Goddess Soma Snakeoil
Lyrics by Jeff Marx
General Manager
(in development)
A rock star, a fetish film star and a Tony Award winner have created a groundbreaking new musical that proves love and family can be found in the least likely of places. Raucously entertaining, HOME STREET HOME is a dark comedy that pushes shiny buttons and bold boundaries. This diverse cast sings and dances their way through a celebratory exploration of sex work, drug use, pain and BDSM power exchange. Follow Sue, a teenage runaway with a dark secret, as she gets scooped up by a saucy tribe of slutty, castaway street punks that welcome her into their wild yet surprisingly functional street family. Enriched by the author’s own experiences, a very human truth emerges… we can all find happiness somewhere. Created by Fat Mike from NOFX, professional Dominatrix Goddess Soma and Jeff Marx, creator of AVENUE Q, this musical will leave you face slapped, hogtied, and begging for more! We welcome you to our HOME STREET HOME!