Book by Hunter Bell
Music and Original Lyrics by Eli Bolin
Book and Direction by Lee Overtree
Based on Found Magazine by Davy Rothbart
Atlantic Theater Company, Philadelphia Theater Company (in development)
Based on Davy Rothbart's popular Found books, magazines, tours and appearances on This American Life comes a new musical comedy about the things we've lost and the ways they bring us together. Tony-nominated book writer Hunter Bell joins composer/lyricist Eli Bolin and director Lee Overtree in creating a semi-autobiographical account of Davy's life and loves, set against a backdrop of the hilarious and heart-breaking real notes and letters from the pages of Found Magazine, as they come to life on stage. Presented by an award-winning team of producers, writers and designers, FOUND explores both the objects and the people we encounter along our way, and reveals the stories hidden in plain sight in the world around us.

FOUND isn't just based on a true story... it's based on hundreds of them.

On a snowy winter night in Chicago back in 2000, Davy Rothbart went out to his car and found a note on his windshield — a note meant for someone else... a guy named Mario.

He couldn't get over this note, with its amazing mixture of anger and hopefulness, and so he showed it to as many friends as he could. Soon Davy became obsessed with collecting similar such discarded objects, ultimately publishing thousands of them for the world to see.

FOUND follows Davy from this chance discovery of Amber's note through his efforts to create a widely-circulated indie magazine with his friends. As Davy gains success sharing other people's private, often shocking, hilarious or harrowing moments, he uncovers the secret we've all forgotten: the things we hide are often the very things we have in common. FOUND weaves together Davy's story with the stories of countless other real people, through the notes they've lost that others have found.