Ending HIV & AIDS PSA Campaign

Created for GLAAD / Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation
Aired Nationally

Martian Entertainment partnered with GLAAD and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation to create a series of PSAs for a new campaign to encourage people to re-examine their own roles in ending HIV and AIDS in this new era of prevention and treatment. To quote GLAAD CEO & President Sarah Kate Ellis: "As GLAAD celebrates 30 years of culture-changing media advocacy, this PSA represents a return to the work that was at the heart of our founding – the sensationalized and negative media coverage of the HIV and AIDS crisis... This reinvigorated campaign will focus attention on the epidemic at home and abroad by elevating the cultural conversation surrounding HIV and AIDS and reminding the public that our work is not done. But we have the tools to get there, and this piece spotlights that."

Ending HIV & AIDS: Let's Finish What We Started; Ending HIV & AIDS: Why Aren't We Talking?; and Ending HIV & AIDS: Let’s Keep Talking have aired on Logo, Comcast-NBCUniversal affiliated stations, and online, with feature articles on websites including MSNBC, Queerty, and Upworthy.

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